Upcoming Conferences:

“‘I give men pleasure openly’: Decadent Adaptations of Roman Pantomime,” INCS, Rome. June 2018.

Recent Conferences: 

“Decadent Translation & Same-Sex Marriage in Walter Pater’s Marius the Epicurean,” Dickens Project Winter Conference, UC Riverside Feb. 2018.

Current Projects:

The Online Diaries of Michael Field,” Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium: I am currently transcribing the 1902 diary of Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper, the late-Victorian authors and classicists who published under the pseudonym Michael Field.

The Pickwick ClubI facilitate a Santa Cruz community book club for the Dickens Project, where we feature guest lectures to contextualize the novel followed by in-depth discussion of the novel. Follow along online!

UC Santa Cruz McHenry Special Collections exhibition: I’m in the early stages of developing a special exhibition featuring the Dickens Project 2019 novel and Victorian Britain, which will be on exhibit in the summer of 2019.

NEH-Dickens Project “Why Literature Matters” GSR & Community Educational Engagement: This spring I’ll begin working as a GSR for the NEH Summer Seminar, “Why Literature Matters: Voices from Nineteenth-Century Britain and America” where I’ll be strategizing with scholars across the nation on making a case for the importance of the humanities in modern education, with the hopes of offering a similar community program to Santa Cruz school teachers.

“Late-Victorian Queer Decadent Classicism,” Dissertation: I’m currently halfway through writing a dissertation on British queer, decadent reception, adaptation, and translation of imperial Roman literature. My first chapter discusses British decadence, Epicureanism, and same-sex love, focusing on Walter Pater’s Marius the Epicurean as the central text. My second chapter introduces Michael Field’s unpublished Ovidian poems, where they explore the potentiality of exilic metamorphoses to form new queer poetic collectives. My third and fourth chapters look at British decadent treatments of Roman decadence through the figure of the pantomime dancer in English closet dramas in Oscar Wilde’s Salome and Michael Field’s Roman Trilogy.