Upcoming Conferences:

“‘We had one song’: Michael Field’s Queer Metamorphic Poetics,” “The Degenerate Lyric,” NAVSA, Vancouver (November, 2020), panel organizer and presenter.

Recent Conferences: 

“Gen(d)re Bending: Women Writing Decadent Dance,” “Decadent Women, Aestheticism, and Genre,” NAVSA, Columbus, 2019, co-organizer and presenter.

Current Projects:

The Online Diaries of Michael Field: Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium: I am currently transcribing the 1902 diary of Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper, the late-Victorian authors and classicists who published under the pseudonym Michael Field.

The Dickens Project Digital Archive: (under construction) I am the lead archivist and website developer for the new digital archive of the Dickens Project’s history.

The Dickens Day of Writing:  (postponed due to COVID-19) A new program I co-designed for high school juniors and seniors. An essay retreat and competition at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. Students write creative, personal, or academic essays after studying a unit on homelessness and inequity in 19th century London and 21st century Santa Cruz through reading Dickens’s “Night Walks” and local news. Scholarships fund students’ attendance at the Dickens Universe and UCSC Summer Session.

UC Santa Cruz McHenry Special Collections exhibition: I’m organizing an exhibit to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the Dickens Universe with a special collections exhibit featuring Dickens Project history and this year’s books, David Copperfield and Frances Harper’s Iola Leroy.

The Pickwick ClubI facilitate a Santa Cruz community lecture series and bookclub  for the Dickens Project, where we feature guest lectures to contextualize the novel followed by in-depth discussion of the novel. Follow along online!



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