WR 2: Viral Vampires

Multimodality in Dracula

In the vampire classic Dracula, a group of vampire hunters must grapple with technologies new and old in order to defeat the vampire Dracula. This course takes for its focus classical and modern technologies of literacy featured in Dracula in order to cultivate an understanding of traditional and contemporary literacy technologies. Exploring the different literacy technologies Bram Stoker weaves together in this modern epistolary novel, students will “adapt” the novel to reflect contemporary innovations in literacy technologies. 

Our course is an exploration of ancient, modern, and contemporary literacy technologies ranging from the art of letter writing’s applicability to email and the cover letter, telegraph to tweet, phonograph recording to podcast, cartography to digital mapping, etc.

Early on in the course, students will pick a topic they will explore in detail through a series of scaffolded assignments that together create a narrative of literacy technologies for our own contemporary moment. Through so doing, students will explore their own field of study while learning to utilize various learning technologies applicable and transferable to their scholarly and professional lives.    


Course description, goals, campus resources, and list of assignments and homework.

Student Work

Featured student work (displayed with permission).

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